Monday, March 30, 2020

A Song of Ice and Fire Reading Journey

As you all know we are in the middle of a crisis. As of last Saturday the Barnes & Noble that I work at officially closed down to the work order from Gov. Cuomo that 100% of non-essential workforce has to stay home. My store went back and forth on if we were non-essential or not, but in the end we were deemed non-essential. To our community, I can guarantee that we were essential but I know closing down during this scary time was actually the right thing for them to do. Putting the safety and health of its employees first was the right thing. Anyways, during all the speculation of a shut down, I told myself that if my store shut down, meaning I would be jobless for the time being, I would finally tackle the entire Song of Ice and Fire series, including the prequel that came out earlier this year. 

I was a bit skeptical going in because I have already seen all seasons of HBOs Game of Thrones so I basically know what happens so upon reading the books I was nervous that nothing would be shocking or surprising. I am officially 300 pages into the first book, and that is exactly what's happening. I have gotten to parts that I don't remember much of from the show so that's nice, but I hope as I continue this journey that the magic that is GOT is still able to spring from its pages. I will say the writing is great thought. I also think this might be the first adult epic fantasy I've ever read so in that aspect I'm really enjoying it. 

I also thought of watching the show as I read the book. I did watch episode one because I know exactly how that ends so once I got to that part in the book I was able to watch that, and it's almost scene for scene from the book with a little things changed here and there. Upon reading more of the book, I'm not sure if I want to re-watch the whole show. Maybe after each book, but I guess I'll figure that out as I go. 

Happy Reading!

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