Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Review: Salem's Lot

The first thing that came to mind when reading Stephen King's Salem's Lot was, "I'm going to need a character map." As I've gotten older I feel like it's harder for me to keep track of characters if there are too many, and we all know Stephen King is famous for having a million characters in his books, so you can only imagine just how hard this one was for me. The only thing I'd heard about Salem's Lot before I read was that it was slow to get started but that it was good. I actually thought the whole book was kind of slow and I wasn't super surprised or scared by anything. Although, I was very intrigued by the idea of this town slowly descending into evil but not really knowing about it. It felt like only a few people knew about the actual evil that lurked within the town, while everyone else just kind of went about their days either as the undead or as unknowing bystanders. 

I'm also always very interested when religion is used to fight "evil" and then doesn't work, like in this novel. Poor Father Callahan is forced to question everything he's ever believed in about the church and in the end we see him as lost as ever. It's sad to say that the last "vampire" book I read was Twilight so I'm definitely not the most forthcoming on Vampire stories, but for some reason I needed more. Vampires visiting people in the night, slowing turning a town into the undead, and stake making didn't do it for me. I know this book was written in 1975 so as my Stephen king journey continues, I'm curious to see if/how his writing changes over the years. 

Solid C+

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